Amy Adams - Mario Sorrenti Photoshoot for Max Mara Fall 2014

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Photographer: Joseph Lally

Model: Jordan Ver Hoeve

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Day 36: First, a minute of silence to a great mind who left us today, writer Ariano Suassuna - Auto da Compadecida is one of my favorite Brazilian films of all time, and without Ariano’s original play we wouldn’t have this precious funny story.

The problem of one day becomes the solution of another. The problem with yesterday’s last call was decisive in helping me with today’s matters, and bottom of line is: because of that mistake, I manage to pay attention and close 5 payments. Plus one deal, thanks to the supervisor’s helper. Thank you, Mr. Elton. Costumers were true ladies and gents, except one annoying as fuck, complained about (ugh) my anxiety - not sure why it happened but way before he answer, i stuttered, confused the script and all and the fucker didn’t paid. Whatever. In other random news, Dax Shepherd cover is dating…our trainor. And that’s….weird. Meanwhile…the new guy. There’s something about him….[it continues. Maybe not]   The mystery inside.